Saturday, March 24, 2007

free will

a wise woman recently explained to me her views on the human condition of free will. she has acquired a puppy; a fluffy, bouncy, chew everything except toys, and 'pee all over you when he sees you with excitement' puppy. she went on to tell me that she was moving a large, fluffy stuffed animal in one of the bedrooms and thought how much easier it would be if she could have been satisifed with a stuffed animal, how much less work and trouble it would have been.

stuffed animals do not roll over and bare their tummies for a scratch, they do not go tearing around the back garden after squirrels, and they do not throw themselves onto your lap and nuzzle into you. she said how much easier if her husband could behave how she wanted him to, but then she would be married to a "stuffed animal".

despite higher levels of domestic disarray, loving someone or something with free will implies a concsious choice and comittment. there is something to be said for that kind of reciprocity.

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Anonymous said...

rec·i·proc·i·ty [res-uh-pros-i-tee]
1. a reciprocal state or relation.
2. reciprocation; mutual exchange.

that seems to be the key.