Friday, February 23, 2007

waiting to lose (control)

as a little girl i used to have a big problem with wetting my pants. this was a nocturnal and diurnal event. my mum used to say that this was because i would wait and wait and wait as i "didn't want to miss out on anything". perhaps this is true, but i remember being 7 years old in sharjah, u.a.e., and needing to go so badly while sitting at my desk, not wanting to interrupt the teacher by raising my hand and alerting the entire class to my bladder needs. i eventually walked over to her desk and waited and waited while she answered questions and corrected the notebooks of my peers. again, i did not interrupt. eventually i could hold it no longer and went right there, standing in line, on the floor. no one noticed. i went back to my desk.

as an adult my bladder control has improved (for the most part), however my tendency to wait until it is sometimes too late reminds me that raising my hand and interrupting are necessary actions.

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