Thursday, February 22, 2007

rashes, jews for jesus, and mormon underwear; a life cycle metaphor

as it seems to happen in life, you start from one point on the edge of your "creek" (first visual i get), not entirely clear where your next landing "moment" will be. when you do eventually arrive, turn around and check out all the slimey, algae-ey rocks, fallen tree, and bits of tyre that got you there, it comes as something of a shock that, save the wet shoes, you made it across relatively unscathed. i speak from experience as a seasoned dropee of clifty falls, while the dropper was doubled over laughing and dropping me further up to my waist in the positively arctic december water.

the other night i was on the computer looking for pictures of rashes- a never ending addendum to what is beginning to feel like a chronic series of skin conditions. i have determined my new rash (on my face therefore highly visible, unless i resort to the michael jackson technique) isn't scabies, shingles, or cellulitis; we've had some patients admitted recently carrying these diagnoses, most likely some form of contact dermatitis. after i had my fill of pustules, blisters and scaly skin i remembered i had wanted to check out the "jews for jesus" website as i had a discussion earlier in the day with my co-worker who happens to be a "jfj", and also informed me that none of the other religions had holidays that were as meaningful and worthy of such gravity and observance as theirs. wow, a 32 year old "religion" originating in san francisco. it has a soft creamy evangelical centre, covered by a crispy jewish outer coating. there is a reason that politics, religion and sex should not be discussed at work.

neurones firing: "jews for jesus, other odd culty religions, oh yeah, mormon underwear, i wonder what those look like". now i know; think victoria's secret gone amish, but at wal-mart prices. i wonder if you can get them in a special "wicking" technical fabric, utah can get pretty hot in the summer (you never see this underwear hanging out of low slung jeans like your calvin kleins). shoppers can load these whities into their carts along with baby boy onesies that have darling little neck ties printed on them in preparation for the "door to door" uniform. i rather liked the pre-teen baby doll t-shirts with "caffeine free" (as opposed to "brat", "princess", or "diva") in curlicue lettering.

there are rather unpredictable and random twists and turns in our personal journeys, some we seek out, some we just happen upon by "accident", this might explain how i landed on the 'diapers for birds' website, go check it out:

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