Thursday, February 22, 2007

i think my testicles just dropped...

week 4 of dodgeball; "the smell of rich mahogany" remains undefeated. my throat is sore from yelling various cheers at my team and rather derogatory jeers at the other. i have big, damp, stinky sweat patches under my arms, my pointy finger on my hand is swollen and achey from being bent against the laws of nature and ergonomics, and i have a large bruise in the centre of my back from taking the mother of all hits at close range while i was trying to scramble back to safety.

last week we played against a group of newbies whose guys even threw like girls (i caught someone out and i really cant catch) but they were just having a laugh, enjoying being together in a sweaty gymnasium. tonight's opposition would carry the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. they had remarkably good communication, but there goal was annihalation through manipulation, and brute force on the weaker (that would be me). they were nasty, played dirty tricks, and thus we all hung in there for 60 minutes of play (as opposed to a rather quick 25 minutes last week). fortunately good conquered over evil (their t-shirts were even black like "movie baddies") although after their strongest guy with a bicep the size of a grapefruit launched a headshot at one of our smaller females my testosterone kicked into overdrive and all 4 letter bodily comments were hurled at the obviously visually impaired ref.

there are some things in life you are so present in, so "adrenalined" and absorbed into that all the self absorbed angst, pissiness at co-workers not doing their fair share, and planning what to make for dinner so you will have left overs for lunch tomorrow, belongs to someone else. i am hooked on this rather silly game, and rather like an exhausted new mother staring at her placenta covered newborn with an oversized head and wrinkley little extremities, i think my team is the greatest that ever was. i cant wait for co-ed soccer to start next week!

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