Thursday, February 22, 2007


i have been in SoCal 4 months and it's been stereotypically beautiful blue sky/sunshine gorgeousness. i haven't seen rain since i was in england in june. i had heard it had been storming off and on in louisville all summer; until i arrived. i even missed the huge storm in chicago that delayed my flight, down to the bluegrass, by several hours. of course it was wonderful to have such nice weather to walk around the art fair and sit outside in the evenings.

i left work yesterday evening and the ground was wet, and not as in groundskeepers watering the grass wet. i finally got to break in the windscreen wipers on my new car. later on that evening i heard a different, but not unfamiliar sounding noise, it had started POURING, it was wonderful. i had no idea i would miss the wet. in england it rains all the time, but england rain is different, it's more melancholy and terminal. there is no drama and relief to it. i enjoy x-treme rain. raining in bahrain means new lakes in the middle of roundabouts, and underpasses flooded to the bridge where silly expats pull out their scuba gear and go diving. torrential thunderstorms in louisville bring down trees, smooshing cars and sending the weathermen into orgiastic super doppler frenzy. on the ocoee river in TN it meant huddling inside cars during a mountain bike race trying to determine which "chocolate bunny coated" racer you were giving handups to.

i am not saying i am ready to pack up my umbrella and relocate to oregon, as with all things, moderation is a preferable goal. of course now i want to go outside and get my run in and mother nature is dictacting to the contrary.

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