Thursday, February 22, 2007

good times

whenever you travel anywhere there are always the things you want to see; the statue of liberty, golden gate bridge. there are those things you hope to see; NYC policemen eating doughnuts. or things you never would have imagined seeing but are so glad you did; crazy nick yelling into his traffic cone in covent garden, london.

my extremely short trip to louisville's "must see/do" list included the st. james art fair (3rd largest in the US i'll have you know), q-doba, and a trip to the brit operated running store to get new shoes at "oh yes, fish & chips...mmmm...good old marmite on toast, bollocks, knackered, wanker, and god save the queen" discount prices.

timing was in my favour this trip, i saw fox 41's derek scott reporting something quite grave and serious; the obese, wheel chair/homebound guy in germantown sitting out on his back door porch area; sitting outside with a nice little wine buzz going as you listen to your best gal pal's nephew playing 'every rose has it's thorn' on his electric guitar down the phone; breaking in the new shoes on the scenic loop and seeing your old running buddy and her cute, pudgey little 4 year old in the baby jogger and doing a reunion lap; lying in the back of a truck (again with the wine buzz) giggling with same gal pal about this is NOT something people in their 30's should be doing; sitting outside with good people and laughing til your stomach and cheeks hurt about gold boxer shorts.

after sitting over 10 hours in o'hare, finally flying into louisville there was a large lump in my throat at the view of the great lawn (a memorable 4th of july joe cocker concert and a drunk redneck screaming "USA! USA!"), the penis building, UofL med centre (a summer of meeting mormon dentists and police officers). i felt like i had never left, now i have, all i can think about is going back.

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