Thursday, February 22, 2007

persuade me with your logic

i can be easily swayed, it comes from years of working up callouses by perching on my fence. i could be a jehova's witness or infomercial's "tighten your abs and drain your spaghetti at the same time" easy target. i can believe something as zealoulsy as the next pasta addicted, barrel bellied fool/follower/customer/chosen one.

for the longest time i believed that it was perfectly acceptable to wash dishes and stack them in the drainer; wash/stack, wash/stack... however, i came in for what i felt was unjustifiable criticism as to my methods and techniques; from people who were pretty lax about the whole washing/housekeeping thing anyway (a recurrent theme of my co-habiting history).

talk to me like i'm a 4 year old, break it down, black and white (hey! the 'best of michael jackson'). "but, disa, you don't shampoo your hair and then climb out of the shower, no more than you go to the car wash, get through the first sudsy brushes, hit the accelerator and speed out leaving a wake of bubbles behind you."


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