Thursday, February 22, 2007

opposites detract

a guy i know just broke up with a girl i'm so relieved i no longer have to get to know. unfortunately this is the third or fourth time, so i expect to hear that they will have reconciled and i must therefore look forward to listening to her go on about shopping, the guy she used to live with and be engaged to and all manner of inconsequential, superficial detritus. how does this happen? cool people becoming tethered to...not cool people. under every other circumstance their judgement is spot on. so why do they insist on picking these girls who expect to have everything including their make-up paid for? oh yeah, big boobs + all over tan= arm candy.

i was at work listening to this girl talk about how her boyfriend just came back into town after being away and she had a go at him because he said they should go check out a movie they had just seen a trailer for (at the end of the trailer the lead female was in her underwear). so she threw the "you've been gone all this time and now you see me and all you want to do is go see some movie because you get to see the actress in her underwear" line. she then went on to say she hadn't eaten all day because the cafeteria didn't have any good vegetarian options (she must not have seen the salad bar right there by the soda fountain), and of course you cant run out to trader joe's or bruegger's during your lunch break to get something, so let's starve all day (one more digression/rant; it's just that these girls who are vegetarian are so frigging high maintenance and whiney- except meelynduh). so when she got home she was "ravenously" eating her bean burrito and he was making loud chewing noises. she got upset and said that girls have "turned anorexic for less" than what he was doing, so had to go and finish her burrito in the kitchen (probably via the bathroom). i guarantee you that she is one of the people that his friends are hoping he will see the light and terminate with. conversely there have been friends i have wanted to spend more time with because their significant other is actually cooler than them.

in this "new age" of urban tribes where our friends have become an extension of our families it has become more important that our beloveds meet with their approval because parents are old, out of touch and what do they know we never agree on the same things anyway, so why change a habit of a lifetime now. of course your bio family will usually have less impulse control to keep quiet about what they really think. i have had the boyfriend who some of my friends preferred not to spend a whole lot of time with (new york, caustic, "i'll say whatever i'm thinking" and inevitably offend/piss off the more sensitive/PC members of the group), and the one that everyone liked to spend time with for his witty repartee amongst other things. we've all been there; we cant choose who our friends flip out for and then register at target for every michael graves product known to man, no more than we can choose our sib-in-laws or parents. they never seem to quite pick who we thought they would "end up with" for eternal bliss, but by the same token my "happily ever afters" have surprised me too.

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