Friday, February 23, 2007

monster truck racing

there are some things in life that you don't realize are on your "try at least once before i die" list until the opportunity presents itself to you. i admit, i had my preconceptions, none of which were fulfilled. perhaps if i had gone to a monster truck rally in kentucky it might have had a little more "culture". it would appear that anything loosely resembling a sporting event has mandatory tailgating; there were RV's, lounge chairs, and grills set up all around qualcomm stadium. i was on "mullet watch", unfortunately i didn't see a single, solitary waterfall or rattail. in fact, there didn't even appear to be a majority "type" to the audience as you might find at a nascar race or WWF event, which i have yet check off my 'to do' list. i saw bruthas in bling, the requisite pack of randy teenagers, but mostly middle class suburban families in charger wear, bundled up in blankets.

the schedule included monster truck racing, motorcross tricks, souped up golf cart racing (thats what they looked like to me, i almost expected johnny knoxville to be in the lead car), and finally the monster truck freestyle aka carnage. the noise was unreal, and in the way a newborn's scream triggers lactation, the loud humming and buzzing had me yelling for all i was worth. the air was thick with the smell of gallons of burning fuel, but it was sweeter, closer to hot nail polish remover. none of the trucks tipped over, flipped, or lost their cabs, but they almost did. as a viewer, there is that split second of held breath, not dissimilar to when ice skaters are launching and twirling, when they might just fall, and if they did it would be messy, but when they don't your sort of disappointed.

i still haven't been to a rodeo, or a good hog wrestle, but i think higher on my list is probably the tomato throwing festival in spain.

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