Friday, February 23, 2007

31 flavours

whether it's ice-cream or the thai restaurant, i will invariably alternate between two things on the menu. as we all know too much choice is overwhelming and frought with indecision. being presented with just a single option is frustrating in a helpless and limiting sort of way. however, how frustrating it is to have to decide between the rock/hard place, or the chocolate fudge brownie and the mocha chip swirl. there is the recommendation by those around you who are trying to be helpful and supportive to "go with your gut", however if you have been cogitating too much, then you usually have a stronger feeling of indigestion. pros/cons, weigh all the options, follow your heart; these are other useless platitudes. no longer are we told what to do, as children, and particularly teenagers we can blame others for the decisions made for us. however, as adults we can take credit for the ones we make for ourselves. thank god for edy's slow churned french silk.

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