Thursday, February 22, 2007


i was going to grab a friend's eyelash that had fallen on her cheek so that she could blow it and make a wish. it was attached to her face. i was then faced with one of those spinach in teeth/knickers in your skirt/toilet paper on your shoe situations.

girls have facial hair. and i'm not talking about those post menopausal granny goatees i see on the senior unit at the hospital. these are the 20/30 somethings, these are my friends, and under closer analysis in the bathroom mirror, this is also me; i am hardly a hirsute sasquatch.

so i started a little research; one boyfriend noted an ex used to have a long, dark chin hair, but understandably he felt a little awkward bringing this to her attention, of course he had trouble not paying attention to it forever after. a co-worker told me that she and her man have chin plucking sessions. there is certainly a time and place for body hair and i too have assisted my other halves in neatening up their unibrow, plucking out that long mole hair and even done a little back and neck waxing in my time.

there is an impulse control disorder called trichotillomania. these are the individuals who pull out their own hair for relaxation; in giant clumps on their heads or until they have no eyebrows left. i have one hair on my cheek that seems to rear it's spikey little head every 3 or 4 weeks, and god help me if i don't have a pair of tweezers nearby. i have literally ground my work day to a halt to go office to office searching for tweezers and offering rather weak explanations for my tweezer emergency. i have also been trapped in a car on a long road trip with no tweezers while i clawed at my cheek with chewed down and useless fingernails.

i have learned. my bases are covered. i have work tweezers (given to me by my tweezer buddy- yes, we have shut the office door to aid and assist in mutual facial hair removal) and purse tweezers. i am fortunate, i am blonde which is less noticable unless, like me, you're looking for them. so take note my brunette and raven haired friends, and remember i will always be packing a pair of tweezers.

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