Sunday, January 30, 2011

another eskimo word for "snow"; "what the bloody hell are you thinking?! you cant ride in this".

i cant drive in snow, so i'm not entirely sure why removing two whole wheels and swapping the remainders for something an eighth of their size would translate into my being more capable of not only remaining vertical, but maintaining a straight, and somewhat forward, momentum.

fortunately, snow is soft. unfortunately, when most of the time is spent falling into it, it's also rather cold.

much like the unfathomable "leaves on the line" that are capable of bringing the entire london underground to a grinding halt, i had not only chosen "the wrong kind of snow", but it was "too warm" (at 30 degrees F). while colder temperatures, less tyre pressure, different trail conditions and perhaps a set of training wheels could have resulted in a lot less time spent horizontal, i would argue that quite a lot of time was in fact conducted in a very upright position; 'stationary, eating gummy bears in the middle of the doubletrack, and having a gripe about how not fun this was'.


Jawz 3 said...

is that what you call side saddle?

mansuetude said...

ha ha! my mother used to roll me on the skimobiles and laugh.

great photo

Disa said...

you are a hardy new englander!

mansuetude said...

ha. not anymore.
the south has boiled the winter out of me. ;0

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