Monday, October 11, 2010

will ride for gummy bears, not patrick dempsey

the loo is a grossly underrated spot for the kind of multi-tasking that involves drinking coffee, putting in contact lenses, doing the hair, flossing, and wriggling (at least ankle way) into a pair of bike shorts at 6:52 in the morning.

i even got to check facebook.

dr. mcdreamy returned to maine for more chamois and cancer awareness by bringing together a community full of fundraising taints willing to endure 15, 25, 50 or a 100 miles of chafing amongst the foliage. however, what seemed like an absolutely splendid- because it was mostly remote- idea in january fizzled into not a whole lot of pledge solicitation or saddle time come august and september. fortunately there was zero tolerance amongst our team for dropping down to the 25- let alone dropping out- for fear of being left out. one personal cheque later, and i was attaching a $200 bib number on with a nappy pin at 7am.

(i ate about $1.75 worth of high priced, high fructose corn syrup at the SAG stops).


mansuetude said...

gummy bears go wriggling in my mind too, for Breakfast!

(not sure who patrick dempsey is, proof of no tv watching i am thinking?)

stay warm up in the frost-y

Disa said...

a tv moratorium is a good thing. :) breakfast gummies- that may help me start the day bvetter than coffee.