Saturday, October 23, 2010

i paid $85 for sore muscles and rope burn

the 'enlarge your penis size' junk e-mailers might consider putting "military grade obstacle course with 15 different disciplines" in their subject line, because chances are i would actually open it up and maybe even whip out the credit card.

the shawnee peak challenge was indeed both the noun and verb it marketed itself to be. scenic vistas of foliage and lakes were enjoyed after a run, and by run, i mean shuffle, on all fours, up the ski slope, three times. i may have over-romanticized the concept of crawling under cargo nets up (and down) the mountain side, a little. but aforementioned scenery was enjoyed at the summit, although any of that crisp, autumnal, fresh mountain air i had hoped to partake of was eclipsed by the taste of my own lungs.

i was personally delighted to see the staff photographers of manning their positions by the cargo nets, ready to capture bottoms straddling the top beam from every angle.

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