Thursday, June 10, 2010

is it better to sustain a haematoma than shit your chamois?

today, my girlfriend who also ran the 25k trail race a few weeks ago, showed me her toenails; in the car park after we had returned from a veritable mountain bike bruise-fest. she had already lanced two, and was harvesting just one more purple piggie. mine were still boring, crayola shades of 'macaroni and cheese' and desert sand'.

a week ago, i was the grossed out, yet also somewhat jealous, witness to a post-road ride puke-fest. i have only personally attained dizzy spells and intestinal nausea following a marathon, but nary a regurg-ed carrot piece, or any other measurable unit of emesis have i produced.

sadly, i haven't even progressed much further than the mid-run 'waddle-into-nearby-bushes-to-shamefully-but-with-much-relief-drop-my-shorts-because-the-coffee-hadn't-kicked-in-that-morning' rite of bodily passage.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I dunno that I understand these rites of passage, but from what I can gather it sounds like you've lucked out!

BTW I don't know whether you'll see it where I commented back to you on my blog, but it seems like we've got the same wedding date!

Disa said...

from what you've posted, it also seems like we have the same style of wedding planning :)