Sunday, November 1, 2009

hansel and gretel should have just taken a slash in the woods

7 dogs, 5 humans, all in varying degree of shapes, size and breed, and lots of wide open trail provided a backdrop and supporting cast for 'axel's big adventure'. fortunately there was a veteran kennel owner, ER doc, accountant, dentist and mental health worker to manage the increased potential for canine carnage. as it happens, none of our four legged chums needed to consolidate their petco account, get a transfusion or root canal, let alone discuss their beef about being locked in a cage as a 'training tool'.

and so the first 30 minutes passed with much noses down/bums in the air as axel enjoyed the freedom to pounce and mount assorted poodles, sans leash. which begat 'sans big yellow dog'. which begat panicked humans, really only two; the ones responsible for refilling his waterbowl. trails past, future and non-existent were canvassed to no avail and much frustration (again, only two hand wringing humans). however, it would appear that a steady diet of flourescent lightbulbs, batteries and fireplace logs does the brain good, because basking his golden fur in the driveway waiting, was our little pee sniffer. it turns out that chugging a bowl of water before heading for a long hike is significantly cheaper, and more reliable, than a garmin.

as his first birthday approaches, axel also commemorated the excursion with an inaugural coming of age "leg lift on a bush".


mansuetude said...

Happy Birthday Axel!
Toilet training at its best.

he doesn't really eat lightbulbs? does he? That would hurt... ooff.

rain coming your way.

Disa said...

he does- only the expensive, energy saving ones, mind you. this dog is unable to experience pain.

it looks like the skies are ready to open- thankfully the 4 legged wonder has already had his exercise today.

JAWZ 3 said...

amazing pic!! like a bunch of long lost sheep being herded to the slaughter

Disa said...

more like herding a bunch of humans to get molested by bloody ticks! check facebook, i have found a fun new way to torment mum. :)

Anonymous said...

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