Sunday, September 27, 2009

i like to pick things

while there is nothing more satisfying than working the corners off a scab, or peeling away a big chunk of cuticle, i will draw the line at eating these assorted moulting parts of my anatomy. and so in order to sublimate that impulse into something less destructive, trichotillomaniacs can be found working diligently in all areas of agriculture.

obviously the question of what is 'one who doesn't deviate too much from the bog standard 9 recipes in the kitchen' to do with all this fresh fruit?

she heads straight for the freshly made doughnut and cider hut to enjoy what others have done with all that fresh fruit.


SA Expats said...


mansuetude said...


she loves to pick things. WHat a great transition from the "voice" you use to the trees.

One of my favorite things to do; tradition in my family!

cider donut cinnamon please! hot.

i have to get my ass up that way soon!

Disa said...

you should get your bum up soon. leaves are turning...snow is coming....