Tuesday, August 11, 2009

an unfortunate series of events

the transition to "really desperate expat housewife" is virtually complete; i filled a prescription for valium.

pre-boarding the first leg of a flight to san diego, i took my inaugural vitamin V. unfortunately, due to "weather" and associated connecting airport shut downs, a 5 hour delay saw a rather chill demeanour wasting away on runway two. by the time we took off, i was fully present, and therefore able to enjoy the stormy remnants at my usual arm rest gripping baseline. as a result, the guy in 34 C also got to enjoy some serious 'public displays of getting into his close personal space'.

because i had been able to bond with the russian airline representative over our respective 'unpronouncable to americans' last names, she had bumped me ahead of "standby guy" on the next west coast flight. unfortunately, the east coast flight landed as the other one was scheduled to board. fortunately, the gates were right next to each other (good odds for transfer of suitcase). unfortunately, the jet bridge for the arriving flight was broken and i was sitting in the last row. unfortunately, the departing gate now said 'pittsburgh'. fortunately, it was due to a gate change, and only three numbers down. unfortunately, there appeared to be no gate agents, passengers, or plane. fortunately, the incoming flight had also been delayed due to "weather". unfortunately, once i was safely ensconced in my 'last seat before the toilet', there was quite a bit of turbulence and all my next dosage did was to make me drowsy. i need a pill that stops turbulence. or perhaps get something a little further down the alphabet.

6 hours later than initially scheduled, we touched down in california. unfortunately, the suitcase had not accompanied me, as evidenced by the continental representative attempting to pronounce my last name over the P.A. unfortunately, i had packed my toothpaste, contact lenses, knickers and all those other essentials in the suitcase. fortunately, the front desk woman at the hotel gave me a 'welcome' bag. unfortunately, it did not have toothpaste or a brush, but it did contain samples of alleve, pepcid, and sachet of ky personal lubricant.

fact: the dilemma when faced with a row of airport toilets make goldilocks' inability to choose chair/porridge/bed utterly facile.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

:-( Sorry for the eventful flight. :-(

SA Expats said...

Lol! I love to see place but unfortunately I hate traveling there. :)

Disa said...

no kidding, i either need dorothy's shoes or xanax.