Thursday, August 20, 2009

southern belles

a hot rod show, baptist convention, orphan's picnic (where the primary focus is beer rather than waify street urchins), and a good ole southern style wedding- minus the fried chicken, ATV's, lower back tat's, and acid washed denim, was the latest reason for a foray into travel, turbulence, and truncated cuticles.

to those with inverted nostrils: the american midwest is more than just 2 hours, out of a cross country/coast to coast flight. they have molded plastic animals, decorated in whimsical, local styles on the street-- all of which are just begging to be adorned.

and enterprise car rental, specifically covering the southern states, should seriously consider offering: "add daisy dukes", in addition to the: "GPS/if you crash into a UPS truck insurance" options.

gettin' lucky in kentucky...

which is exactly what this adopted belle will be doing next june. y'all.


mansuetude said...

ha! Most likely the UPS man will crash into you (not in any dave mathews way)going too fast to keep his schedule.

that horse photo is a keeper... are u getting married in Kentucky in June? Holy Mint Juleps... :)

fun post.

Disa said...

holy hot and humid! hopefully not, or i may be drinking way too many of those to keep cool.