Sunday, January 4, 2009

wanderlust is not sexy

ultra long haul flying means that your (and the other 349 passengers) crotch, armpits and mouth have a nice chance to really marinade, before disembarking the aircraft, 14 hours, and several time zones, later.

severe weather can cause "unexpected delays". so can twerpy ground crew who drive their luggage trolleys underneath the wing (instead of around those rather inconspicuous orange cones), and rip off a chunk of the plane.

transiting abu dhabi airport -and it's unrelenting P.A. system- for half a day, is guaranteed to match every sleep deprived itinerant in the terminal's arabic language skills with those of a foreign service officer (rosetta stone certainly doesn't come with a bottle of duty-free glenfiddich single malt).

and by law, every flight over 6 hours must provide passengers with carbonated beverages, in-flight entertainment, and a cabin full of screaming 2 year olds.


mansuetude said...

what are you reading?
I need that book.

What happened to your ruby slippers?

I will take the Glennfidich... is that named after a bird that can teach our grouchies to fly?

welcome back

Disa said...

it's by a couple of brits, but you can get the american version at borders/amazon etc.
unfortunately ruby slippers arent terribly practical for sprinting across sprawling international airports to make your flight, only to find out it has been delayed for 5 hours. ;)

not sure what the glennfiddich is named after, sounds like something a scot would slur while drunk though... :)

Anonymous said...

Glenfiddich is ' the valley of the stag/deer'

Disa said...

well now the label makes a whole lot more sense!