Tuesday, August 19, 2008

it's like taking your first real poo in a "grown up" toilet

achieving (and completing) any developmental milestone is supremely satisfying-- and also very relative. for some, the ability to select the appropriate remote control (out of the little "catholic family" of them) is an accomplishment- actually being able to do something more complex than change the volume or channel, approaches doctoral level applications. i routinely ascribe to the school of; "other people are trained to do specialized things like; change the oil on my mazda; perform open heart surgery; dye my hair into a purple mohawk, and therefore there is no reason to cause myself undue stress by even attempting such activities".

pride comes before a puncture, and i am a slow learner, where frustration appears to be the only way for things to sink in- although this has not yet been true for retaining the law of fractions or calculating a 15% tip at thai siam.

i recently acquired new mountain bike shoes (and cleats), and was able to whip out the little multi tool to get things situated, per the multi-lingual instructions, in addition to tightening the rear brakes (although at this point installing new brake pads is probably the more appropriate course of action). unfortunately, i got a flat in the non-padded-bike-shorts-rear prior to a steep and rutted ascent, and there was no audience participation for my 'helpless female on the trail' impersonation. i had been given instruction 3 or 4 years ago on how to change a flat, and then sent off with a spare tube, but i also remember taking a very (very) long time, most of which was spent wrestling the tire casing off the rim-- this happy little ritual was repeated again. eventually the new tube was put in, casing wrestled back on, air pumped (and pumped), and nothing. i have a master's degree, which should outrank my ovaries, but being able to write a research paper and figure out the footnote feature to american psychological association standards doesn't necessarily generalize to life's little irritations.

the spare also had a hole. i (finally) figured this out, and successfully did my business.

(so proud).

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mansuetude said...

Pride comes before a puncture! **** love it.

On the Masters and the ovaries--I think PMS could stand for Post Masters Symptomoniums (?) : as in the more education you have the more self aware and an increase in your hormonal imbalances. Shifting gears (mind and body) shifts hormonal levels. A man told me this: that thinking about or anticipating something affects the release of hormone in us; its like a pre-arousal thing. Prep work. (Where this came from, i don't know). Love your use of words.