Saturday, May 24, 2008

not; "me too"

universality, per existential psychotherapist guru irvin yalom, is the process by which validation and subsequently healing occurs, through the mutual sharing of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. or in less fussy terms, those "phew moments" of; "oh my god, you mean i'm not the only one who thinks/does/says this?!"

unfortunately, there are still many of those "crickets chirping in silence moments" where no one else appears to be sharing in (my) experience. most recently i discovered that no one else (at the lunch table), sleeps in their watch. i believe that this is highly impractical, and the act of wearing one's timepiece through the night, can save precious "one less thing to have to do in the morning" minutes.

i have also, yet to run into anyone else that has a smelly belly button. more specifically, anyone else who has white funk to pick out of their belly button that smells funky. many agree that twirling a finger around in their nub can trigger the pee reflex, however they note that sniffing their finger after a quick "twirl" does not induce any "P.U.'s".

those people are sooo missing out.


Bethany said...

I not only sleep in my watch, I at times have a smelly belly button......we are soul mates. Miss you terribly. Have fun running (forever) and more importantly have fun in San Diego! Most importantly I realize I'm all nursey-nurse now...but can we please set up some social interaction?!!

Disa said...

yager-shots, i knew i could rely on you. i now have even more of a girl crush on you than ever before.

Not Goth said...

next time I said something and all my boyfriends family or girl friends look at me weird I shall think of

""crickets chirping in silence moments"

and I will not feel so bad.

I too am blessed with stinky belly button

mansuetude said...

when i got cell phone my watch sort of dwaddled off lost... maybe, alright, ya, i don't know what time it is, and i don't want to sometimes. but i know i love that phrase "crickets chirping in silence" (you are so good at it)

people with no belly button fluff or stinkie don't have an innie, but an outie belly button, or they don't dare touch themselves... they are sterile to their own skin. (maybe line them up and get out a long long swab!)