Saturday, April 26, 2008

run like a kenyan on redbull

this was written on a sign i read while running into churchill downs this morning, for the final leg of the kentucky derby mini marathon. and while i wasn't averaging "2% body fat and 6 foot long legs" minute miles, all the necessary parts and organs appeared to be functioning pretty efficiently. granted we knew that 13 miles would feel like a warm up, given the 26 mile goal on the calendar in just 4 weeks.

and either the hill training paid off, or the mass of bouncing nike, dri-fit, and hairy backs was enough to detract from any gradients on the course. we were able to find some interesting characters to pace with (not the group of elvis', or powerwalking ladies sporting their artillery of gu/water/gel flasks), including an old man decked out in full cotton, who started perspiring profusely after the first 15 minutes. unfortunately the visual of his backsweat was quickly reinforced by our olfactory senses and we were caught up in the wake of his B.O.; this gentleman must have missed last week's special on AXE at kroger.

i was ultimately relieved that my (obsessive) concern about evacuating the remainder of the previous day's burrito at mile marker 3 was unwarranted.

next stop; rock and roll.

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