Sunday, March 30, 2008


as i no longer have ringworm to contend with, my skin is going into withdrawals. today i ran 15 (point 3) miles, and am experiencing redness and soreness in parts that petroleum jelly does not usually reach.

it is a well known fact that cotton is the enemy of the distance runner, or middle aged baby boomer who never updated their wardrobe. and i am a "fabric of our lives" devotee who admits to wearing knickers under bike shorts (see blog from last summer about smegma in your chamois). during previous higher mileage half marathon training, i used vaseline to prevent inside thigh chub chafe ("ITCC"). however, colder temps and longer pants this morning, meant that this particular area was a non-issue. instead, i have sustained some serious "nappy rash" around the knicker elastic line (you know the part).

i also found significant "heart rate monitor chafing", while i attempted to stand up and maintain my balance in the shower this afternoon.

(still no black toenails).


mansuetude said...

heart rate monitor
it is "ringing" in my ear

you are impressive!

Melinder said...

Mmmmm, time to bust out some chamois butter for your toast! When you get black toe nails-I will have the camera ready!

Disa said...

a co-worker did ask about both mine and sharon's lower back scratches. the waist band on her shorts obviously wore a hole into her flesh too. the distance runner's version of a lower back tattoo/tramp stamp. except instead of a butterfly/yin yang/dolphin/anything that resembles a chinese character we have a series of hypens...

Not Goth said...

I have to ask at this point - post ring worm and major chafing.. is it worth it?!