Monday, February 11, 2008

a snowstorm during rush hour in louisville; the new last frontier (?)

i grew up in the desert, i dont "do" snow. apparently mother nature would disagree.

all day, the local weathermen have been building up into an orgiastic frenzy at the possibility of giant snow drifts, carnage on the roads, and a baked bean shortage at all the local supermarkets. as a habitual minimizer, i pooh-poohed such histrionics, and drove my multi-layered self to the park for a run (marathon training has begun), i was also looking forward to lunch table bragging rights the following day- it's good to be a martyr. aside from the mucous-icles hanging from mine and melinderrr's nostrils, we got in 2.4 miles before diving into our snow covered cars. this was also the point at which she shoved a selection of hand made truffles, that one of her swanky-dank sous chef friends made, at me. taking into consideration my lack of impulse control around cocoa based products, my plan was to leave them in the car overnight and force them on co-workers (who are less vain than i), the next day.

unfortunately the return commute from the park was not pleasant. people in kentucky do not know how to drive in snow. i cannot drive in snow. socrates was right, i know myself; i prefer not to. creeping along in 1st or 2nd gear, and gripping the steering wheel around anything that does not resemble a straight throughfare is my "defensive driving". and i have no control over the other fools who appear to think that snow on the ground means its NASCAR season.

apparently my body went into "survival mode" while sitting for 45 minutes in snow storm traffic. the truffles are gone.


mansuetude said...

you got snow!! i jealous... throw a truffle through the blogspere and let me try one!! Come on girl!!

Disa said...

if i could take back those ten gazillion calories i would, and send you them, but apparently i need to build up my fat stores for the winter (?!)

Melinder said...

Um, again as I see it, I saved your life. do you know HOW hungry you would have been had it not been for those truffles. They were good eh? Oh....I have a whole bowl in the fridge....sigh. Oh, and you are welcome.

Not Goth said...

this reminds me of Los Angeles and rain.

No one here can drive in the rain. Rain does not equal extremity - drive as fast as you can or drive as slow as you can.

I despair of my fellow Angelinos.