Wednesday, January 23, 2008

picking out wedges

furniture; silence; geography; time zones; photographs; pillows. these all serve as emotional clutter, the detritus that perpetuates distance, forming wedges; separating.

i am a chronic hoarder of the past, where the belief is that it will provide evidence of my history and existence. however, this also serves to avoid participating in the present and stunts the future.

women typically collect and hold onto tangible objects for "sentimental" purposes-- dig around under the bed and you will find a strawberry shortcake collection, moth eaten valentine bears, dried up roses and bits of washed up driftwood- the flotsam of times gone by. last night a group gathered around a shredder, with various items of clothing, photos, cards, letters; random objects imbued with personal meaning. each was methodically placed into the shredder.

while i cannot put a couch through a shredder, i disposed of a significant grand canyon of a wedge last night, it took seconds to disappear.

it was time.


mansuetude said...

how do you feel? I bet its lighter and let the light stream on in... i need to do some too. we don't live long enough to really hold onto all those things... and Disa, our minds hold onto so much, and make so many infinite connections... in language, memory... don't you think?

not goth said...

I did this with my teen angst diaries. Best thing I ever did!