Friday, December 28, 2007

pride AND prejudice

being caught in the self-help section at borders is like seeing those middle aged men in overcoats with tobacco breath in the "nubile dominatrix-atrons gone wild" aisle at movie gallery.

i am that person.


Not Goth said...


Fickle Revokes said...

I almost didn't make this joke, but here goes: "I didn't know you smoked, nor that you were a man!"

Now we know why I hesitated (but not, unfortunately, why I persisted.)

Melinder said...

It would be better if the section were in the BACK of the store behind a black curtain...but NO, instead, it is right there near the front door. Sheeeeesh.

Kat said...

That was ME the other day too! Then some sweaty-headed, clammy, suicidal-looking, fidgety-fingered, shifty-eyed creepy dude came right up next to me (a bit too close for comfort) to check out the same aisle!

That was enough self-help for me - I was feeling pretty good about myself after seeing that poor guy... (is that vain?)