Wednesday, November 21, 2007


the possessive greeting of early childhood. where social skills are discovered in the sandpit, and conflict management begins, but typically ends, with sand (and tears) in the eyes.

the power struggle is born. "only" children are often labeled as being delayed in the area of sharing, however even those of us who had a sibling to bicker with over who used the milk last and was therefore responsible for walking the 2 feet to put it back in the fridge, continue to have trouble giving up and in.

as adults, some of the less emotionally evolved specimens continue to metaphorically pee all over their egocentric worlds. my teddy/truck/cookie "matures" into; my shopping trolley without the missing wheel and all the flyers in it, my trophy wife with the boobs i paid for, my career, my identity, my body, my choice, my freedom, my parking space nearest to the exit, my side of the arm rest on the aisle seat, my way of driving to the airport, my personal hole punch, my leftovers in the break room fridge, my doctor/lawyer husband who will be paying me alimony if you come anywhere near him, my side of the bed, my right to leave the toilet seat up, my hard earned money, my inability of going to any petrol station except the one i usually go to (even if it's "not on the way"), my crazy friends/family/pet, my borders addiction debt, my so-called life, my refusal to ask for help and yet compulsion to remain helpless, my habit of announcing every name and number on the caller id at work, my responsibility, my precious time, my name, my space (not the perving perps website), my inability to operate a dvd remote control, my irrational neuroses, my opinion on monotheism and the after life, my way of making tea, my $25 bottle of shampoo that glosses/nourishes/rebuilds my hair from the root, my rules for multiple "draw two's" in uno, my good idea (your bad one).

territorialism and ownership run rampant over the relevant noun.

mine (-control) + yours = ours

i have never been able to get my brain around the basic concepts, let alone master, algebra. obviously some of us have not yet made it out of the sandpit.


Jill said...

Impressive list!!!! Now how come mine is (-control) & yours isn't?!?!?1?!? (POUT!)

mansuetude said...

Thanks... i needed this!

Melinder said...

Sometimes sharing that last bit of Edy's ice cream...forget it...NO SHARING THERE!...It is MINE!