Wednesday, October 3, 2007

taking the piss

no, i am not being sarcastic. urinary tract infections are a serious matter. one i bring upon myself because i get "too busy" to pee. the manufacturer's of adult incontinence knickers need to expand their market. not just for the urethra-lly weak, but the perpetually manic and busy.

perhaps i should take up smoking. nicotine seems to prompt more "breaks" than a full bladder.


Kat said...

amen sister. I'd like some technologically-advanced contraptions and devices (and most of this stuff can be taken care of during sleeping hours) for the following:

shaving (or let's just go all the way with laser)
toenail cutting
teeth cleaning
face exfoliating
popping back zits

I'd be so much more productive.

disa said...

there has got to be something stashed away in some closet at NASA that does all of this for you