Thursday, September 27, 2007

goldilocks and the 3 trails

"it's like learning to ride a bicycle", except when it comes to actually riding a bicycle. it has been several months since i have made an unplanned descent from my saddle. i was about due.

yesterday, the trails were "too dry"; dusty powder provides no traction. thankfully, i had a large, pointy rock to break my fall, before i slid into the creek (which incidentally smells like sewage). much needed rain today, meant the trails were "too wet". i have historically had bad luck (or just really crap hand/eye co-ordination) with wooden bridges. i thought i had overcome them. i had; as long as they are dry. today i skidded off the bridge and nosedived into dirt. fortunately dirt is soft and relatively easy to pick out, suck out, and spit out.

i might need to invest in some protective gear for my ego.

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Jill said...

Do they sell protective gear for the ego? I think I need that...