Saturday, June 16, 2007

i like big words and i cannot lie

ok, so showing off and trying to use them in scrabble doesnt always secure as many points as a one syllable possessive noun, but there is something about impractical GRE words that replicate a viagra-like sensation of "i am incredible, hear me enunciate".

use in a sentence:
axl rose would not be considered a pulchritudinous specimen (although he is "hot" in a 'trailer park, still has all his teeth' way). however his hair is so refulgent that he would be a good spokesman for the 'long, loud and oh so happy shower' hair care products.

unfortunately there isnt a 5 syllable synonym for full of shit at, but you may find a chronic blogger listed at

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kicker of elves said...

I knew what both of these words meant around Dec. 27 of last year, when I took the GRE. I hesitate to call my familiarity with these words "knowledge" because their meanings, along with that of a hundred or so other big words, were lost to me almost immediately following the exam.