Tuesday, March 20, 2007

letting go

when you hold on tightly, you cannot trust yourself or others with the consequences of letting go. this means moving forward. it means saying goodbye. you can forgive, but how do you forgive yourself if you cant forget what your own actions have created? if you let go of everything, what do you have left? if you keep running, eventually you have to stop. if you keep thinking, you never have to do. if you keep doing, you never have to think. if you keep arguing, you never have to be alone. if you dont trust, you never have to hurt. if you break trust, you never have to move beyond their inflicted pain. if you ignore, you never have to change. if you stay angry, blame, harbour guilt and bitterness, lie, conceal, ridicule, pretend, deny, obsess, resent, punish, remind, and control; you will be alone. you will lose because you cannot let go.

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saltandsaffron said...

"if you let go of everything, what do you have left?" I have tried myself to hold on to the very same thought and have wondered what does it mean to let go of everything,am glad to know that am not the only one trying to figure it out in this world.