Wednesday, March 21, 2007


addictions are a new and exciting way to add a little drama to both your, and your loved one's lives. irrespective of the form, booze, relationships, star wars action figure collectibles, they are as difficult to eradicate as a fresh outbreak of gonnorhea (so i've heard). there is a multi pronged approach for treating addictions, one of which is abstinence; the first darth vadar leads to a moving parts jabba on the toilet.

i am mildly uncomfortable with the concept of abstinence (isn't that just "avoiding", and shouldn't i be working on my avoiding issues?!). abstinence means not re-exposing yourself to the source or the triggers- where do i sign up for my lobotomy? abstaining feels like giving up a big chunk of the time you spent being a certain entity and identity, which is fine for the not so healthy stuff, but it feels a waste to throw the baby out too. it is easy to perseverate on the negative to self, doing so to your addiction feels like a betrayal of loyalty, its not the whole truth, not all was bad, i wouldnt have been as addicted for as long if there wasn't some positive re-enforcement, right?


kicker of elves said...

these are all seemingly related posts (those of tues and wed), and ones which seem to point toward some concrete, real event in your life in the last days, but ambiguously so. What happened?

Mel said...

Abstinence can be healthy...when you replace it with some inward looking piece. Avoiding does not seem to be so I have only creates more muck!

Anonymous said...

"addictions ... are as difficult to eradicate as a fresh outbreak of gonnorhea (so i've heard)."

It's true.