Thursday, February 22, 2007

xmas shopping or homework assignment

"what do you want for xmas?", this question is typically posed by parents or the co-ordinator of your "secret santa" at work. significant others (in my, and my non-coach purse carrying cohorts opinion) do not fall into this category. if i want something in particular i will take myself out to go and get it, or drop vicious hints to m&d around the appropriate season. birthdays and xmas are becoming too much like weddings and baby showers; i do not want to "register" for gifts. the thought counting goes a long way, as long as there was concerted effort given to the thought.

some girls give their beaus "wish lists", and when the special day arrives god help the boy who has not checked off the all items. sex apparently gets crossed of his list for the next few weeks. it would seem the obesity of the bank account relates to whether or not presents are 'registered' for. every holiday season i question what britney, madonna, and angelina give and receive. big ticket items for me (laptops, ipods etc) can be found as freebies in the little gift baskets they get at the various events they lend their names to on red carpets. is the ante upped to solitaire encrusted bentleys? 18 carat jimmy choo slingbacks?

i have already received an email with a link to 'dora the explorer aquapet' (hint! hint!), sadly this item will not be checked off the list; ask and you shall not receive.

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