Monday, February 26, 2007

peeing in the shower

the world can be divided into two camps; those that do and those that don't, and i know there are other girls out there that do, they just aren't telling me the truth. my poll of 4 dudes has yielded 3 "yesses" and 1 "no! that's you?" It was this response that had me thinking perhaps i was lacking in good manners and breeding after all, but it's not like i do it when someone else is in there with me.

i have found validation, granted my poll was not taken from a random sample, i had a pretty good suspicion of what their answers would be. and now to the rationalization (although they didn't offer any). this is the height of good multi-tasking; there is no need to waste loo roll wiping yourself, there is a constant stream of hot, running water, and the shampoo and soap rivulets will give your plug hole a clean, fresh finish after you are finished.

what's funny is that the people who deny shower peeing are the ones who will admit to it in the sea, i just got there first. i bet these are the closet swimming pool pee-ers who stopped when they heard the story about the chemical that turned your pee a bright colour.

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