Friday, February 23, 2007


much of the present is spent reliving/agonizing/fantasizing/dissecting over the "before" and "after". it can be exceptionally difficult to break this habit and simply be present in the present. this morning i drove to the mountains with a friend who was facilitating a drum circle for some very "crunchy" (hairy) medical students at a retreat.

we saw snow on the ground, and gently drifting out of the heavens.

60 strangers tapped, pounded, shook, and jingled with each other. people just paid attention to what they were doing, listening and responding to those around them; for that moment.

using the present, and "doing" in the present does not negate the past or avoid the future in perhaps the same way as fixating on either of these two states. rather, i think it validates that you are connected. this state is real and concrete, providing reassurance when reflecting on the past and initiating change in the future.

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