Friday, February 23, 2007

me too!

i try to keep 4 letter words out of my conversational english, i am not uptight (except about dirty dishes and laundry), (and being on time), (and getting a full 8 hours of sleep). my ears do not "burn" when i hear an expletive, i tend to punctuate certain situations with them myself; "&*#$, why do you always leave the dirty dishes in the sink without rinsing them first?"; "*%@^, i only slept 6 hours last night, i feel like poo!"

i love: organizing my books on the shelves; sleeping on 'just been washed' sheets; travelling; picking the white gunk out of my belly button; road trips; newly shaved legs; garlic and onions; scars; annoying my mother; plucking black hairs; popping the dimples on fountain drink lids; encouraging the rest of the family to get in on the act of annoying my mother; the smell of pencil shavings; the sound when you rip raw chicken; scraping ice and brushing snow off my car in big swoops (when i have nowhere i have to go in a hurry).

i [like] you.

friends terminate phone calls with their parents, close friends, and partners using the 4 letter word. i have never wanted to parrot it back just because someone else "said it first". avoidance, or in the "ditto"-like manner of prince valium when he is marrying princess vespa finally at the end of spaceballs; "me too". i have never been the first to say it, and once it was said to me i responded with a "thank you". the power (or fear) of the statement is found in the personal pronoun "i". not "owning" it is so much easier to hear, and occasionally even say.

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